Operative leasing, AUTO-RENTAL

Operative leasing, AUTO-RENTAL

Operative leasing, AUTO-RENTAL

Company AUTO-RENTAL besides short term car rental services,offers to its clients also services of vehicle operative leasing . Operative leasing is a long term car rental product, suitable for companies but also for or idndividuals, who want to save its time and expenses on their own car fleet . Besides long term car lease, it also includes services such as 24/7 road assistance, car maintenance, tires replacement, full insurance coverage etc. Whenever operatives leasing main advantage is not just cost-saving but also the fact, that the leaseholder is freed from any administration and maintenance of the vehicle .

Why operative leasing?

Grants financial benefits

Provides flexibility of car fleet

Saves time and financial resources

Relieves drivers duties

Why  us?

  • We treat everyone individually
  • We are flexibile, we never say „Can‘t“
  • You don’t pay the down payment
  • Many kinds of vehicles are in our stock
  • There are no hidden fess or charges
  • All monthly fees are settled in one invoice
  • We provide 24/7 road assistance 
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How it works?

You will choose a vehicle, services and contract length. Then you will simply leave with rented vehicle, which will fully meet your needs and requirements. You will pay a fixed monthly rent, which will not change during contractual period.

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